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Zurich AVC Website question

29 Sep 2018, 21:35

On there web site if you go into investment values and switches it shows 2 separate columns.

One is "EMPLOYERS" and the other is AVC with money under both of these columns.

And if you add the totals together they don't equal the total amount in the pot.

Can anybody explain what these are and why "employers" is involved and why the numbers don't add up.

Many Thanks

Zurich AVC Website question

30 Sep 2018, 06:55

The way understand it, is the figures you mention relate to how much has gone into your AVC account since you started it, or since Zurich took over from the previous providers.

The employer contributions relate to PSE and the fact that since PSE was introduced, RM effectively pay all our pension contributions instead of us. Which is how the savings in NIC's for both us and the company are made.

The figures under 'AVC' relate to how much you put in before PSE was introduced.

In my case I was paying into AVC's long before Zurich took over from the previous providers, and my contributions from beforehand aren't included in those figures, but are included in the total value.

In my opinion the figures are bit random and have never really understood them to be honest, so I've have always just concentrated on the total plan value.

Zurich AVC Website question

30 Sep 2018, 11:16

Thanks Robert,

Yes the gross figure is the all important.

You would just think they would use some kind of language that we could understand. Crazy.

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