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LTB 501/18 - Member-Nominated Trustee - Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan

03 Sep 2018, 14:01

LTB 501/18 - Member-Nominated Trustee – Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan

No. 501/18

3rd September 2018


Dear Colleague,

Member-Nominated Trustee – Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan

The Trustees of the Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan (RMDCP) are legally responsible for ensuring that the RMDCP is run properly. The board comprises seven trustees, of whom

one is an independent Chair appointed by Royal Mail Group with the agreement of the unions,
three are nominated by or on behalf of the membership (two through the CWU process and one through the CMA process), and
two are nominated by Royal Mail Group.
Two of the member-nominated positions through the CWU process are due for selection from 1 October 2018 and so nominations are now being sought. Nominations can be from any individual who is a current, retired or deferred member of the RMDCP, irrespective of Union membership. A self-nomination form is attached which once completed should be returned to the Senior Deputy General Secretary department at CWU HQ, by 18 September 2018.

All Candidates will be required to submit a 200-word (maximum) statement supporting their candidature for election to the position when returning their nomination forms.

Individuals wishing to understand the role of a trustee can visit the Pensions Regulator’s website and read the ‘Guide for New Trustees’ and the ‘Trustee Toolkit’ and review the first two e-learning modules for more information.

Upon receipt of a nomination, an information pack will be dispatched to the individual who has submitted the nomination. The pack will contain information on the role and responsibilities of a Trustee, a detailed job description and a personal specification for a potential Trustee.

Prior to a ballot taking place all candidates who have submitted a fully completed nomination form will be required to attend a half-day pre-election familiarisation seminar in London on 27 September 2018, which will be organised by the Secretary to the Trustee. At this stage candidates will be asked to re-confirm that their names should be added to the ballot paper and will also be given the opportunity to make any textual changes to their supporting statement.

If there is more than one valid nomination, a ballot will be held of all individuals who are employee members of RMDCP and who are employed in CWU represented grades, irrespective of Union Membership. The ballot will be conducted by the distribution of ballot papers direct to individual home addresses. Completed ballot papers must then be returned in the envelope that will accompany the ballot paper to ERS who have been appointed as Independent Scrutineer for the purposes of this election.

The candidate who receives the most votes in the ballot will be selected as the CWU MNT. In the event that there is only one nomination forthcoming then that nominee will be deemed to be selected without the need for a ballot and should there be no nominations at all, the nomination and selection process will be re-run no more than three years later.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary department for the attention of Peter Metcalfe.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


Member Nominated Trustee Self Nomination Form

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