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The most you can pay in AVC's?

01 Jun 2018, 16:33

The last time I received a form to increase my flexiplan it had an accompanying letter saying that the maximum I could contribute was £140 a week on top of my existing £115 a week....

This I don't understand as I earn considerably more per week than the 2 combined and as far as I am aware you can contribute a maximum of 40k per annum into a pension or as much as you earn for people earning less than 40k

Any ideas?

The most you can pay in AVC's?

01 Jun 2018, 17:10

I'm not sure I can answer your question really but, theoretically you can put in 100% of your pay into your pension/AVC's up to the £40k limit. But you also have to take account of other deductions from your wages, such as your basic 6% contributions and NIC's which will reduce the amount down. Although the numbers you quote seem low to me.

Any extra money you can't pay into AVC's for whatever reason RM give, could go into a separate personal pension, SIPP, etc.

On a separate note, I never realised you had to fill in a form to change your AVC contributions. Every time I've changed the amount I pay, I've just send them a letter saying I want to increase/decrease by £x to a weekly amount of £y. Never had any problems!

The most you can pay in AVC's?

01 Jun 2018, 17:44

The form has all different funds and what percentage you would like to pay to which.

They are seriously useless on the phone line said they couldn't tell me how much I could put in each week it would be considered financial advice.... I said that's funny you usually send a letter with that exact information on it and can you tell me the reasons behind it?

Sorry I don't know!

May just put it up to nearly all my earnings and see what happens :thumbup

The most you can pay in AVC's?

01 Jun 2018, 18:17

Can anyone tell me the highest amount they have paid per week please out of interest?

You can send me a personal message if you would rather not put it on here for all to see!

The most you can pay in AVC's?

05 Jun 2018, 21:15

Got a response from the pensions service centre today via email not really answering my question on this... but saying they had actioned my request that I had sent in anyway to increase my flexiplan to £350 a week :thumbup

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