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Difference between quoted pension and actual pension Updated!

11 Jan 2018, 19:43

Will be getting my NRA60 pension in about three weeks now. When I got my first estimated quote it showed a Annual pension figure in a column and below it a Transfered in supplement figure. On phoning I was told this related to a pension I had transfered from another employee many years ago. Them I got a more updated estimate which showed the Basic annual pension and the pension supplement listed below it. With various options to take a full pension, or reduced pension and full lump sum or the full pension and my Bonusplan as the lump sum. That one is the is the one I went for. Today I got a breakdown of my two pension payments. A big one for the Final salary part from 1988 to 2008. And the small career average one for 2009/10. But the total added together was the Basic Annual pension figure including this supplement. So the two previous letters showed the supplement separately but it was already added to the basic pension figure! Seems a bit confusing to show amounts separately while already adding it to the other figure. Adding "including" to the quote might been a good idea! It lowers the monthy pension by about £70 so need to do my sums a bit more! But always worked on the theory of not going on these estimates until I actually got the pension. The other question is do they split the RM own supplement into 12 amounts so if you start the tax year still working at RM but them leave a few months in, what size of supplement might you expect! I will give the Pension centre a ring to see if they can give an idea. But so far they always seem to like to be very vague and general when you ask any questions!

After phoning the Pension Centre they realised they had made a mistake over the actual breakdown figures. So now back to my original estimate phew! Be interesting to see how any pay rise to the current 2017/18 if we actually get one feeds through to the pension!

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