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02 Oct 2017, 11:50 ... ustrations

Members of the Royal Mail Pension Plan (the Plan) will receive their annual benefit illustration in the next few days.

This is published once a year by the Plan’s Trustee and shows the benefits you have built up in the Plan up to 31 March 2017.

Plan members have also received a personal illustration from Royal Mail. Please note that the two illustrations are produced for different purposes and are not directly comparable.

The personal illustration aims to help members understand the possible impact of the Company’s proposed pension changes on your benefits. It sets out our estimate of your possible benefits at retirement age under three scenarios:

    The Plan without any changes
    The Company’s new Defined Benefit cash balance proposal; and
    Our original Defined Contribution proposal.


If you have any questions about the Trustee’s 2017 benefit illustration, you can contact the Pensions Service Centre by emailing or calling 0114 241 4545.

If you have any questions about the personal illustration from Royal Mail, please call the Pension Review Helpline on 0345 850 0081. Lines are open Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5pm, not including bank holidays. You can also email You can also find more information and frequently asked questions on our pension proposal here...

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