Pension supplement

09 Jan 2017, 21:48

Does any know if plan c members will still receive the pension supplement after 2018, thanks.

Pension supplement

10 Jan 2017, 04:38

The Pension Supplement is only mentioned once in the consultation booklet:

DB assumptions:


9 For Section C members, no allowance is made for the pension supplement that would be payable between Normal Retirement age and State Pension age, or for the option to exchange pension for cash at retirement. For Section B members, no allowance is made for the option at retirement to convert lump sum to pension or vice versa.

But that's just an explanation of how they calculated the figures in the tables showing the before and after values of our pensions.

I would think that the Pension Supplement for RMPP section C members would still be payable for service up to 2018 but wouldn't payable for any service after 2018 (because the DC plan doesn't have such a thing). Hopefully this will be confirmed in the personal illustrations that they are going to send out to us in the next few weeks.

Pension supplement

10 Jan 2017, 06:03

As the supplement forms part of the Section C benefits and as there is no mention of anything changing in the pension review booklet, I assume that to mean it will still be payable. Although you obviously won’t be building up any more supplement after 2018.

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