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Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 11:18

I reckon these new Parcel Posting Boxes are a great idea - especially for small businesses.

There is one just inside the gate at our local trading estate BUT I have found that is is only open between 3pm and 6.15pm.
This means that it is visited twice a day by the collection guy.
He visits at 3pm and unlocks it.
He returns at 6.15 when he empties it and then locks it shut. Also it locked from Friday night until Monday 3pm even though on the outside it says it is open 24/7 and is emptied at 6pm M-F and 11.30am Saturday.

Pray tell why it should be accessible only on apart time basis ? Seems inefficient to make a visit to unlock it each day instead of leaving it unlocked 24/7. Can't be a security issue as it's right next to the guard's hut at the estate entrance.
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Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 11:53

Just hold it til Monday, why worry about it

Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 15:38 ... 18&t=96461

It is part of a trial the postal service is undertaking across the UK with these boxes popping up in a few locations to see if they are successful.

A Royal Mail spokesman said around 1,400 had already been placed around the UK but the roll out had to be stopped, ironcially due to social distancing rules, but added they are due to restart again soon.

Maybe it`s just a trial.

Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 16:23

The trial was completed back in 2018. and they are almost finished with installing 1,400 of them around the country.

It is this style. ... rcel-boxes.

If it is a trial then being open only 3 hours on 5 days is not giving it a fair chance.

Could it be that local RM manager is against the scheme and wants to scotch this one early on?

Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 16:52

I think you will find the originally boxes were Meter Pouch Boxes that were adapted to take Parcels
The one being introduced at the moment is a new design

Part time Parcel Mail Boxes

20 Jun 2020, 17:16

The ones in our area are never locked. When they were meter boxes they were locked after the last collection but they are now supposed to be left unlocked.

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