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Monitoring 1st class mail

26 Jun 2019, 16:57

How does RM get accurate data on 1st and 2nd class delivery stats?

To my knowledge there is no tracking/scanning/logging system for 1C and 2C mail so how can RM show whether or not they are hitting the USO target?

If the sorting machines are counting letters, then is there no accounting for any mail brought back by OPGs that cut off that day?

Just curious...

Monitoring 1st class mail

26 Jun 2019, 17:13

There are people who independently monitor the mail.
Basically someone sends a letter and the person who receives it reports if it arrived on time.
They are called panellists.
If you become aware of a panellist on your duty you are supposed to report it.

Some years back there was a big scandal in Scotland as many offices had a list of panellists pinned up in the manager's office.
Basically as long as the panellist got their mail it looked as though everything was working fine, even if every other letter in a 10 mile radius had failed.
It would be wrong to suggest that is what happened.
Some quite senior people spent several months on gardening leave and the subsequent enquiry decided they hadn't done anything wrong at all.
So far be it from me to suggest otherwise.

Monitoring 1st class mail

26 Jun 2019, 18:05

There's also the RFID tags as well

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