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Can you cancel a my bundle benefit?

16 May 2019, 15:30

About two months ago I signed up for the cycle to work scheme using my bundle benefits. I wasn’t 100% I wanted to use it and the website was a bit ambiguous about what was involved. I assumed I was being sent a voucher which I could use if I wanted. I still haven’t received the voucher and have since just bought a bike myself as I was tired of waiting. Unfortunately they have already started taking the money out of my pay. I’m so upset and confused! How could they do this? Surely anyone would assume you would receive the voucher and purchase the bike before anyone would take money out of your account and also you’d have the chance to change your mind.

I’ve contacted my bundle and they’ve said I signed a contract of hire and I can’t get out of it. So now I have to buy a bike I don’t need. I’m absolutely gutted.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated or similar experiences with my bundle.

Thanks, Michelle

Can you cancel a my bundle benefit?

18 May 2019, 12:58

Ok here is the agreement on page 9 of this pdf ... klet_F.pdf It says once the hire period starts if you have not received the voucher I would argue it has not started if they insist they will send it to you refuse it. If you took hold of the goods ie bike it is understandable that they could refuse to cancel the contract but as you have not taken delivery of the goods you can cancel it I would suggest you do this in writing stating the facts and you were miss sold this agreement that you wanted a bike of your own not a bike HIRED for a period and you needed it as a means of transport from the date you ordered it and not some time in the future. If this does not work see a good solicitor some do free consultations and good luck lot's of people in my place have had bad experiences with my bundle with cars and that is more worry some in the way the sums are much larger but good luck.

Can you cancel a my bundle benefit?

19 May 2019, 13:16

Hi, thanks for the advice. I’ll do that

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