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Parcel sorting machine.

27 Apr 2019, 21:55

Bristol Mail Centre to get second Parcel Sorting Machine. The first one is to be used to sort for first time in early June. It is built but is just being tested at the moment. Second is to be ready May 2020. First machine is three years behind schedule. Meanwhile Bristol is swamped with managers, acting managers, team leaders, mail centre supports etc. The blank cheque book for Bristol even allowed the new plant manager to bring a friend with him.

Parcel sorting machine.

01 May 2019, 08:16

Home Counties north to receive second psm in July , with a provisional start up date of december2019,apparently another 2 mail centres are to receive a second psm too not including Bristol...

Parcel sorting machine.

01 May 2019, 10:05

I think there could be a good few smaller MCs that'll loose all their 2C and Tracked 48 work soon if some larger MCs are getting a second machine

Parcel sorting machine.

02 May 2019, 15:13

JMC have been told they are getting a 2nd PSM

Parcel sorting machine.

18 May 2019, 09:29

Cardiff & Swansea 2nd class to Bristol then???

Parcel sorting machine.

09 Jul 2019, 18:50

Thats definitely gonna happen and chances are both offices will be merging, should be an interesting place to work when the football season starts

Parcel sorting machine.

09 Jul 2019, 21:21

Will any MC that doesn't have a packet sorting machine keep any of their 2C? They're going to lose their Tracked 48 to the new hubs anyway (and presumably even the MCs with packet sorting machines will also lose all of their Tracked 48 to the hubs as well)

Parcel sorting machine.

10 Jul 2019, 06:18

Good point, if say 60% of staff in your office sort packets and tracked manually then all sent to a super hub it’s a hell of a lot of staff with nothing to do. Is this the start of the so called 20, 000 jobs lost through natural wastage

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