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Mail Centre Easter Workings

12 Apr 2019, 13:19

My manager has now told me I am to work both the Thursday and Friday. I work 5 Days a week Monday to Friday attendance on a night shift and my Contract of employment states I am entitled to 8 Bank Holidays a year.
So my first question is can I be forced to work Good Friday?
Secondly what are the arrangements in other Mail Centres?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as like most people I had already made plans with my family !!!

Mail Centre Easter Workings

12 Apr 2019, 16:49

If you're in Scotland I believe that Good Friday is not a Bank holiday. (Day taken at New Year)

Our Mail Centre operates a volunteer basis back filled with Angard casuals.

Technically they can make you work Thursday till midnight, then make you come at midnight on Friday.

Check out local agreements with your CWU Rep.

If you work both nights then enough time worked (3 hours minimum) during the Bank Holiday will accrue to give option of payment for hours worked plus a lieu day.

Mail Centre Easter Workings

17 Apr 2019, 14:50

our do is getting sat mail on friday, what mail would we get tue? Are the mail centres working monday?

Mail Centre Easter Workings

17 Apr 2019, 23:57

Our mail centre is open saturday and sunday as usual so I assume the d.o's will be getting mail that you would usually get on a Monday on the Tuesday.....if you see what I mean :crazy:

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