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Damaged Parcels

09 Feb 2019, 11:20

I work at Chelmsford MC and since they got a parcel machine the amount of damaged parcels has greatly increased and on top of that the management have got rid of the only duty that repaired the damaged parcels even though one person on one shift was nowhere near enough, and the amount of items that get lost from the packaging and sent of to Belfast NRC is unacceptable and shameful, I feel sorry for the delivery person who has to deliver a empty envelope inside a plastic sorry bag ,it must be embarrassing .
Is the damaged parcel situation bad at every MC or is it just at Chelmsford.

This is one way royal Mail are losing business because each damaged parcel is two unhappy customers and lots of bad reviews on websites and unsurprisingly senior management don't care and do nothing about it when told about how bad it is.

Damaged Parcels

12 Feb 2019, 15:20

I imagine the situation is much the same at every mc with a psm, they seem very unconcerned...

Damaged Parcels

18 Feb 2019, 11:04

In Gatwick this situation is the same. Just after Christmas I counted 12 skips full of damaged mail sitting there.

In my working area, trays with damaged mail are pilling up (counted 9 trays yesterday), some are there b4 xmas.

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