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Santa Claus mail - a seasonal query

20 Dec 2018, 11:42

I’m just wondering what the procedure is in your Mail Centre when hand sorting letters to Santa/Father Christmas.

The correct procedure, I am advised, is that letters with the official Royal Mail Santa address and XM4 5HQ postcode should be sent to XM4, ie Belfast. Also any Santa mail with no address or a “fictitious” address (eg. North Pole, Reindeerland, Arctic Circle) should go to XM4.

Those with a country on should be sent to that country (Lapland to Finland, Greenland to Denmark), and those that have a USA Santa address (1 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, Alaska) or Canada Post’s Santa address (with a H0H0H0 postcode!) should be sent to the USA or Canada respectively.

This is apparently how the IMPs attempt to sort the Santa mail and is how MDEC staff are trained to deal with it. Yet in my experience, the hand sorters at the centres I’ve worked at just send all Santa letters to XM4, regardless of the address or country on the envelope. I can see the sense in this as there is more chance the letter will receive a reply, but allegedly it’s not the correct procedure.

So - purely because I’m curious - how is it done at your Mail Centre?

Santa Claus mail - a seasonal query

20 Dec 2018, 17:35

At my mail centre all Santa goes to XM4 and I was told it was being done at Edinburgh this year, not Belfast?

Santa Claus mail - a seasonal query

23 Dec 2018, 23:00

I wasn’t aware of the move to Edinburgh. Your Mail Centre seems to do the same as ours, yet the MDEC are so strict about sending mail addressed to Lapland and Greenland to Finland and Denmark respectively. It makes you wonder if they get answered.

Santa Claus mail - a seasonal query

20 Jan 2019, 16:37

Talking about Santa Mail for some strange reason I sent 3 out for my 3 kids yet 2 out of 3 got replies but those replies didn't come in until the 2nd week of January which tells me that RM has to adjust the deadline from December to middle of November

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