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Relaxation allowance U.K. Processing Operations Director

09 Jun 2018, 08:30

Rmtv - processing: 7th May 2018 Simon Barker U.K. Processing Operations Director, in response to a question re the SWW & breaks, stated;

“In the way forward agreement we have commitments of between 5 & 7 hours people get 30 minutes & then between 7 & 8.59 minutes they get 40 minutes breaks and that will continue to be honoured. Within the mail centres & RDC’s we’re building a relaxation allowance its roughly 13 per cent but it does change depending on the nature of the job...

Does that mean 13% of your hours (which does calculate as roughly1 hour for 39 hours/5 days) ?
Also what does he mean by "We're Building" ?

On this topic;

Postby LeightonTalksBull » Mon Oct 22, 2007 10:19 pm

Paul Turnbull wrote:
Processing Staff receive a 20 min relaxation break as a right - it was introduced in 1985 and this is something that should be negotiated for other staff- I do not know if a serious attempt has been made by the union to achieve this for other functions.

The 20 minute relaxation allowance was agreed in the Way Forward Agreement. In practice it was only achieved in some Mail Centres. One of the northern branches put a motion to conference in 2006 to get the 20 minute relaxation allowance or equivalent scheduled break for Deliveries and other functions. Bob Gibson opposed it and it failed.

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