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Logistics medicals

23 Apr 2018, 20:32

I work as a class 2 driver (18 tonne) in a mail centre predominantly 7.5 tonne, in a few years I will be 65, therefore I will need a medical every year after that to keep driving (should I wish to). Nobody knows who pays for it as it's obviously new ground for Royal Mail with retirement age being raised any advice.

Logistics medicals

26 Apr 2018, 18:30

As far as I am aware Royal Mail pay for the LGV medicals and also book the medical if you want to. It is in their interest to continue to do this as they would have to get agency drivers to do your job. Ask your manager when you receive the notice and I am sure he will sort it out.

Logistics medicals

28 Apr 2018, 13:38

Class 2 should be like bus licence i had to start going for medical every five years from Aged 45. I've just turned 50 but I'm letting it to as I would not pass my class 1 or psv now due to I'll health but can still keep my 7.5 tonne and car licence which always makes me wonder as some of the 7.5 tonne that other companies use ( not RM) are just about the size of RM class 2s.

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