Gatwick Mail Centre : A better place to work : Focusing on doing the little things well in Gatwick

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Manager John Heffer joined Gatwick mail centre in August 2017. He already had a good understanding of engagement levels in the plant as his previous role had been as quality and customer business partner to the processing and collections director.

John said that to create an effective engagement strategy his first role was to review the feedback and action plans from the employee survey with his team.

‘Effective engagement leads to trust and respect and can only be created by visibly demonstrating that you take your team’s feedback seriously, and that you do what you say you’re going to do,’ he said.

‘Most of the feedback from the survey related to colleagues wanting to be kept better informed of performance data and having the opportunity to influence decisions made within their work areas.

‘Performance data is much more visible in the plant now as each area has their own performance board. They also have a daily 15-minute review of their performance. We also have a plant communications hub where local performance updates and group strategy is displayed.’

John said that a key part of the engagement strategy at Gatwick is to ensure people feel valued and respected at work.

‘We focus on doing the little things well, in particular, employee recognition,’ said John. ‘When someone does something well it’s important they are recognised. People need to feel good about themselves because when they do, results will follow.’

John said it was also important to give something back to those who need it. ‘We introduced the Gatwick community and charity working group shortly after I arrived,’ he said. ‘Anyone can get involved in the group and we meet on a bi-monthly basis to agree what activities we’d like to support.

‘We’ve already had some great successes. Last week, we painted a residential home for children with severe learning difficulties.’

When asked what benefits he had seen as a result of the engagement plan, John said: ‘We’re really starting to see the benefits of good engagement and taking our employees’ feedback from the survey seriously across our scorecard. Our non-absence accidents are nearly 17% better year on year and our efficiency is more than 7% higher.

‘Better still is the number of colleagues who are now coming forward with ideas on how to improve things in their work areas and how good my team are now at responding to feedback and doing what they say they are going to do.

‘We have to listen to what colleagues say about the business and the employee survey is fundamental to this.’

Gatwick Mail Centre : A better place to work : Focusing on doing the little things well in Gatwick

08 Feb 2018, 07:44

Propaganda time again. Have your say must be due :nana :nana

Gatwick Mail Centre : A better place to work : Focusing on doing the little things well in Gatwick

08 Feb 2018, 12:35

Oh yes - opens up 26th February - Still awaiting Action Plan for 2017

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