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How to talk to managers about my mental health

16 Nov 2017, 19:20

I work at a DC as a Leave reserve for a while and I do enjoy it however the constant change of shifts to nights days, different days is obviously not routine.
My ADHD Doctor said it’s not good for me in the long run it also increases my stress levels and depression often.

My question is what can I do or how? I’m low on seniority anyway, there’s no vacancies currently, I feel scared to talk to management incase they don’t care or can’t help.
I thought about applying for indoors but I don’t want to lose out on money plus I do like the office and varies roles I do ( like yard Marshall, control, gatekeeper)

Is there anyone I can speak with or service in convidence?
This dilemma won’t keave my mind it causes me to be always stressed out.

How to talk to managers about my mental health

16 Nov 2017, 20:14

Lots of info here: ... 36&t=72368

How to talk to managers about my mental health

16 Nov 2017, 20:26

Sorted the links, some webmasters are sooo poor, anyway, more details in the links and...

Support is available

We all have times when we feel bad. Most of the time those feelings pass – but sometimes they can develop into something more serious. Remember, there is support available. Our Feeling First Class website has materials and advice (use the code FFC1 to register). Colleagues can also contact Feeling First Class Support by calling 0800 6888 777 to access counselling, practical help and legal advice.

How to talk to managers about my mental health

16 Nov 2017, 20:30

Thank you. I had to search Google to find info about FFC as I couldn't see it listed in the board index.

How to talk to managers about my mental health

16 Nov 2017, 22:22

thanks for the help I'm looking through the feeling first class now.

As a leave reserve some of you probably know i change shifts all the time from weekends to nights to days to mon-fri there isn't much stability.

I personally think I need to go back to a psychiatrist to deal with my mental health and i believe that relies a lot on schedules of say a meeting every week or month. sometimes i can fit various appointments around the shifts i pick but other times it is just not possible, especially since im a Leave reserve at the low seniority ( not complaining just stating haha)

My other question is, is there anything I should do in regards to this with work n life being a bit hectic.

I was already told by my ADHD doctor that switching around all the time is really bad in the long term for my ADHD, but I don't feel like just packing up my bags and leaving I really enjoy working for royal mail, its much better than my previous workplaces!

Any input suggestions or ideas of the sort i greatly appreciate, i tend to sit back just hoping a job that nobody will apply for pops up and i can take it ( that is my master plan) but i don't see that happening anytime soon.

How to talk to managers about my mental health

17 Nov 2017, 04:15

If you have been employed at RM for over two years, and you have been diagnosed with depression for at least two years you should be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, which says that your employer should make reasonable adjustments for your condition, which I think includes giving you time off for medical appointments and giving you jobs/shifts which won't impact on your condition.
But I don't know too much about this. Rehabron might know more.
And if you are a CWU member you should speak with your CWU Branch Secretary, Area Rep or Branch Welfare Officer who can give you more advice.

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