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MRM.COM : Colleagues have their say at Bristol People Panel event

06 Nov 2017, 13:53

Colleagues from across the business gathered at Bristol mail centre to share ideas and insight on a range of topics key to our culture and in support of better engagement.

From hearing why engagement matters to talking through the action plans and specific activities, the suggestions of our People Panel will help us drive positive change for everyone.

The People Panel reviewed the employee engagement action plan, which it helped shape in June following the results of our 2017 Employee Survey.

It put forward ideas on topics such as long-service recognition, diversity and inclusion, the My Future site and the Royal Mail Sports Foundation.

‘These events are invaluable,’ said Gemma Webb, head of culture change and values. ‘We want to see tangible solutions, and the best way of achieving that is to collaborate with a wider group of colleagues from different backgrounds.

‘Many of the issues we discuss touch a lot of people, so the more brainpower we have on this the better.’

Yeovil cover manager Michael Francis, said: ‘I wanted to see inside the business, get my point of view across and see how we can improve things. It’s an opportunity to have your say, and you don’t always get that platform in a workplace environment.’

The Panel meets three times a year in different locations around the country. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact

Have your say

Our Employee Survey highlights what matters to you. It helps facilitate meaningful conversations, such as those at our People Panel events, about how we can all work together.

It’s important that what you said in your survey is acted upon. It’s also important that you continue to have your say.

Alongside your colleagues, hold regular discussions and push for regular action plan reviews with your managers to ensure your voice is being heard on the issues that matter to you.

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