1 month rolling contracts and Agency

01 Oct 2017, 00:27

This is a fabulous company.
However having employed 71 new staff at the end of 2016 at our RDC on part-time contracts ranging from 16 to 35 hours covering each shift on a 6 month contract, this was reduced to a 1 month rolling contract from May this year. It was confirmed last week, after the matter was raised, that their would be no change to increase length of contracts but employees will be given the option to "up" their hours temporarily over the Christmas period.

Agency workers are also employed continually contrary to the agenda for growth legal agreement which states;

(D) Agency workers are intended to cover short term or
unforeseen resourcing needs, expected to last for periods of
no more than 12 weeks, which cannot be covered by offering
additional hours to existing employees whilst maintaining
quality of service. In the rare circumstances that employment
exceeds 12 weeks the provisions of the Agency Workers
Regulations 2010 (as amended) will apply

I have never understood why this situation is allowed to continue whereby those part -timers are fulfilling the obligation set out in the Agenda for growth, But are also working along side semi-permanent agency staff.

(G) The level of part time Employees’ contracted hours will be
reviewed by the Company and the CWU locally on a six
monthly basis. Where appropriate, increased contracted
hours will be offered to reflect the hours actually worked and

Not only is the legal agreement being ignored but for a company who are committed to mental health issues I suggest that being placed on a one Month rolling temporary contract is a very stressful & counter productive. It was bad enough when I was on a 3 month temporary for 2 years. Also, Where is the incentive for agency workers who are not guaranteed shifts, In the sense that although we have a core of the same faces it is possible that they can be replaced by non - AWR qualified in an instant.

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