changes in the pipeline for Mailcentres if we dont vote yes

14 Sep 2017, 17:37

Royal Mail have been very reluctant to give detail in the new pay offer other than to state that we have to accept flexibility and later acceptance times in order to compete with our competitors.
When our members fill out their ballot papers and have to make a decision, please be mindful of the fact that this means a change in duty patterns for everybody and indeed the possibility of further mail centre closures.
Royal Mail want the cheapest pipeline to accept later items and this means that late shift finish and start times will alter. It may be the movement or indeed reduction of full time jobs on night shifts and possible day duties for early shift staff only going forward.
Vehicle runs during the night between mail centres will be less and this will mean less drivers needed for runs.New machinery is planned to sequence both flats and letters in the near future and this will mean less inward/outward sorting jobs as well.
The choice is a tough one but we are at a crossroads in terms of protecting real jobs in this industry for both part time and fulltime.
The vote is not just about pay it is about securing our jobs and protecting the pipeline

Get behind the CWU!!

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