Pay Rise New Starters

05 May 2017, 20:03

The question of a pay increase for the new starters was raised at WTLL today as it was believed a 50p p/h rise was due after six months. I believed it was one year.

I checked my wage slips & verified a year had elapsed from my starting week 45/2013 until week 43/2014 the Pay Rate was 335.77 THEN CHANGED Week 44/2014 - the Pay Rate increased to 373.08.

Can anyone clarify if six months or a year is the standard time period for pay rate increases

Pay Rise New Starters

08 May 2017, 20:16

Goes up after 6 months then 1 year.

Current Pay

Starting Salary

Age 17 £7.40 + 6 months +12 months
Age 18 £9.51 £10.09 £10.57

We also offer a weekly Delivery Functional Supplement of £23.96 (pro-rata) plus overtime and shift allowance if applicable.

Supplement works out at 61p per hour up to 39 hours.

Pay Rise New Starters

09 May 2017, 18:02

Thanks for reply AceMark. There does appear to be a consensus as I have had a similar response from the Union forum.I have written to HR for clarification.

Pay Rise New Starters

12 May 2017, 16:25

I have received a response from HR which states "You are under the CWU network grade. On this pay grade you only get a pay increase after one year in service. The six months pay increase is NOT applicable to 'Network' OPG grades .It only applies to CWU grades within Mail Operations and Modernisation."

Pay Rise New Starters

29 May 2017, 08:55

I have received an update from CWU

Edited from PDF;

Pay Rate Guide - CWU Represented Grades in Royal Mail Logistics

Guide for employees

Overview This is the guide to pay for CWU represented grades in Royal Mail Logistics.
Pensionable Pay – For members of the Defined Contribution scheme only basic pay
is pensionable. Where other payments are shown as pensionable this applies to
members of the Royal Mail Pension Plan only

Logistics Single Operational Grade Effective From 4th April 2016

Basic Pay - Pensionable
...........National.....Outer London.....Inner London
..............£pw .............£pw............. £pw
Max......413.39.......... 489.88..........518.19

AR Age 18..372.05........440.89..........466.37

New employees will progress to the maximum of the grade after one year’s service
but not before age 18, subject to successful completion of their trial period and the
acquisition of the relevant skills and competencies, and in all cases after no more
than 2 years’ service but not before age 18.

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