Sunday CSS

21 Feb 2017, 08:52

How many batches do you sequence on a Sunday night??

Sunday CSS

21 Feb 2017, 09:41

The number of batches sequenced will the the same on a Sunday as what it would be any other night. What might vary is how many waves of sequencing, some MCs and MPUs might on a Sunday sequence it in a single wave

Sunday CSS

28 Feb 2017, 16:07

In my MPU we sequence 14 batches on 2 machines, same as every night, but it is done in one wave. Of the 3 duties, 2 are covered by SA and they finish 2 and a half hours earlier than the third duty holder, who cleans both machines and usually preps a delivery as well to fill his attendance time.

With the drop in mail volumes we are now running midnight to approx 05.00, we were running midnight to 06.00.

Sunday CSS

28 Feb 2017, 17:53

We normally (Mon-Fri nights) do 13-14 batches per machine wave 1 and 10 per machine wave 2

Sunday CSS

01 Mar 2017, 16:32

We have 3 machines that do 10 batches each in one wave.

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