12 Feb 2017, 22:23

Hi can anyone give me some advice.i have been off for a month with surgery I had on my eye. I am I told my linemanager I would b back to work on the 13th Feb but now I av a infection in my toe and dockets as signed me off for another week. When I told my manager yesterday and went there personally to show them my toe and gave them sick note . It seem like to me that they thought I was just trying it on to get another week of but this is not the case. Just wanted to no if my job is safe I av more eye surgery in around 5 months and this toe infection was not good timing now worried they might get rid off me. I am full time with 3 years service and no stages Thanks


13 Feb 2017, 15:42

Yes you should be safe - you might end up on a stage 2 but all that means is trying not to go sick for 6 months and it will clear.

However, get a rep involved (an experienced one if possible) and make sure they are fully briefed because you'll need them come the 2nd operation to make sure RM don't treat you unfairly.


15 Feb 2017, 09:43

It doesn't matter what your line manager thinks. A master computer spits out prompt warning interviews. As and when you trigger them. Just using same old B/S tactics, to bully and harass you into returning to work .Regardless of your wellbeing.
If he contacts you again. Ask him if he thinks your latest absense isn't genuine. That usually shuts em up.

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