What made you join the Royal Mail?

Reminisce about days gone by in the job.How it used to be what you miss and how things have changed.This is an open forum.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by TrueBlueTerrier »

I think content is a good description for me. I am happy enough to stay working for RM but I see the flaws in its culture just as I do in the CWU. I used to be proud to work for RM and I still am to some extent just not quite as much as when I started, weirdly though my pride in the CWU although it has faltered somewhat, its decline is not as deep as that of RMs.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by Blade Runner »

Money. :Very Happy
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by nationwide »


Unfortunately now I can only agree with one of these 5 criteria No.2 MONEYas for the rest well they seem to be falling by the wayside as is my wanting to go to work in a morning.WHAT A SHAMBLES!!.............................................................OH AND THANKYOU VERY MUCH RM.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by plainpat »

When I was made redundant in the late '80s I spent 3 years working, part voluntarily, part paid, for a local childrens charity driving a Playbus around the rural areas running and setting up ongoing after school/holiday playschemes etc.

So when it was forced to close due to lack of finance I naturally thought I would apply to the local bus company, as well as other companies, one of whom was Royal Mail.

I actually got offered a job with RM the day after the bus company did the same. Both companies paid roughly the same basic, but with the bus company you were expected to work early/late shifts during the week as well as Saturdays, and some Sunday shifts, within that basic. With RM of course you got the Saturday Supplement and proper overtime on a Sunday as well as the early start allowances etc.

That's why I chose RM :arrrghhh
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by peppapig »

i joined 14 years ago this July as a cadet, with the promise of training in most aspects of the job.....still waiting, its my friends at work that make it a laugh to get you through the day
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by belle smith »

should we start a new thread "what finally drove you out of Royal Mail? :Boo hoo!
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by Stormproof »

belle smith wrote:should we start a new thread "what finally drove you out of Royal Mail? :Boo hoo!
Does Postman have enough bandwidth for that thread?
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by youwot!!!!! »

for me it was a family reason.
my dad and uncle both worked for royal mail so i thought i would do a few years and move on!!!started as a cadet and used to quite enjoy the freedom we had back then when you worked outdoors with no manager on your back even though managers were a hell of a lot better then than the morons we are lumbered with nowadays.after 3 years i was married with a large mortgage and no propects of a better job so i stayed and 28 years later am i still stuck here.

who the hell invests £2 billion into a servic and makes it worse?????????????
you really couldn't make it up!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by sidewinder »

Took redundacy from Telecom after quite a few years.I started when it was post office phones! and as the areas you had to cover were getting bigger(sound famililar?) and the practise of working 4 out of the 7 10hr days(rm has taken nearly 15 years to catch up!)I jacked it in.Took R.M as a stop gap and still here!
Used to love the 5am starts and the early Saturday finishes.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by cookiedog »

TrueBlueTerrier wrote:I joined for a variety of reasons, one of which I always wanted to be a postman since being a kid. However, I actually joined about 8 years after being made redundant from the forces (the peace dividend :left: ) after working in a call centre and getting stressed out I decided to try and become a postie.

The main reasons for being a postie for me were

1. Job security.
2. Being a member of a team, yet being able to working alone.
3. Providing a service.
4. Being part of a community.
5. Personal Responsibility.
6. Being trusted both in the application of work and in how hard I actually do it.
7. Secure Pension.
8. Reasonable wage. (I only started 7 years ago)
9. Job satisfaction.
10. Personal Pride in doing a hard physical job well.

Its a sad indictment that in 7 years Nos 1,6,7,8,9 are gone and that 2,3,4, are under extreme pressure still I have 5 and 10 left :Very Happy
Agree entirely with this ,after 25 years service ,I feel utterly utterly betrayed,the years of low pay at the start of RM career,I actually took a pay cut to join a supposed decent company,I was instilled with the public service ethic,by my fellow posties,the management have always been crap!
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by snoopywonderdog »

Unlimited O/T double time after 12 hours ( most on double time by tuesday ) finishing delivery 3 hours early , ghosting, time off when wanted. Unlimited Tea breaks , 2 hour long meal reliefs. One of the best pensions in the Country, and Profit Making .Oh how I long for the Good Old Days.
PS Do you think they might come back
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by Jennifer »

I joined Royal Mail because the picture painted during my interview process inicated that it was a commercial environment that would embrace change. I was ill prepared for the debacle that I encountered. The managment is dishonest and are puppets simply doing as dictated. As an individual you are powerless to make any changes required. Certainly, the upper management started as postfolk and worked their way up or should I say 'floated up'. They are unaware of any other business therefore their commercial acumen is non-existent. So what happens? Floundering and meandering from one disaster to another but gaining higher & higher bonuses for no results bit like the banking sector. :Applause
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by seaniesson »

I joined Royal Mail because my Dad worked there as a delivery postman and had done for a number of years and he told me there was an opening in the offices if I wanted to apply for it. I was 16 and wasnt sure exactly what I wanted to do but office work was a possibility. I was lucky to get the job and was very proud to work for Royal Mail. Have been there ever since, going on for 20 odd years now.

Back then it seemed like a lot of people joined RM because family members worked there. Not sure if its the same now though. Everyone knew you if you had family members there then but sadly large Mail Centres have put a stop to a lot of that now.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by Darren Bent »

I applied for it as I want to work something away from shops and computers. People tell me how easy the job is and what a great job, but not now.

I will look for new job in several months time but I have to work out what I want to do.
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Re: What made you join the Royal Mail?

Post by krussel »

I left school in 1982 and went into printing and point of sale work. The reason I went in this direction was because I enjoyed photography and could process and develop my own prints and this got me a job as a darkroom assistant in screen printing.
After a few weeks the darkroom technician walked out for a better paid job and I was offered his job because they were stuck. I did well and ended up a dept manager aged 20. Great job right, well no not really as I never saw the daylight as I was in when it was dark when I started work then I spent all day under red lights only to come home once again mostly in the dark, if i was lucky as sometimes i had to work late into the night so no chance of going out and getting myself a nice girlfriend.

The change came when a mate who was a postie invited me on a post office night out. It was a Greek evening which included a coach ride there and back. Well it was fantastic and I could not believe the spirit and the fun of all the posties it was so refreshing after the stale professional environment I was used too. Also there were GIRLS, about half a dozen postal cadets who were very trim and very hot, well I was hooked with the crowd, such fun.

I remember going back to my pressured boring job on the Monday thinking something has to change as my postie mate was always home by 10am and in the pub by 11. I asked my mate if there were any vacancies and he told me they were 15 jobs short !!!. So I applied and got accepted straight away. When I told my bosses I was leaving they offered me a big promotion running a new textile printing unit but my mind was made up as I was sick of the long hours and pressure. My parents thought I was mad to give up a job with great prospects for one which played only half the money and was dead end. On the outside I had everything of that post yuppie era i.e.: nice clothes even a Porsche car. :confused but i was slowly killing me as i felt i could not really breathe.

So I started with the intention of working the summer, getting a tan, and then looking for another more local job. However I ended up staying the winter and became a reserve driver so I thought I would do the next summer and then the next etc. Well 22 years and I am still here and yes so much has changed that the things which had drawn me to it have be slowly removed as it’s a proper full time job now and a lot of the real fun has gone out of the job.

But the one thing which still remains is the camaraderie, the wind ups and the jokes. My mate left years ago blaming the job for most of the failings in his life and now drives a forklift truck. :roll: Maybe I could have done better financially speaking but i have a nice house and 2 cars and holidays etc so i think ive done alright. Mostly ive enjoyed the last 22 years and still look forward to going in to the office for the fun and banter.
As iam now in my early forties i do have worries about my fitness and health as the workload increases and increases which is a shame but i carry on whilst i still enjoy it.
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