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20 Jan 2019, 16:17

So far I have a bit of a mix with my work with RM as I started in 2017 as a Christmas casual at my local MC then transferred to Angard but then decided I needed the guaranteed hours so went back to being a Christmas casual for 2018. That choice turned out to be the best option because I heard nothing but disgruntlement from Angard temps not getting offered shifts or having shifts cancelled.
Then about 2 weeks before Xmas I had an email inviting me to do some postie work at my local DO which I jumped at the chance and although I don't have a full license I got the work then I found out that from my first shift at the DO I am being paid and assigned to Angard which at first I didn't have an issue with. BUT Angard have had serious issues with issuing payments (not just with me but for example on Friday there was at least 100 DO temps hit by the same issue) since the start where I have had 1 payslip which was paid and 2 manual payments due to them not processing the timesheets in time.
But for me there seems to be a very positive end in sight as the boss of my local DO has made a transfer request bringing back onto RM payroll and a proper contract and forgetting who I am being paid by at the moment I am quite enjoying the job so far and have met some great colleagues.

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