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Post Office branch lost parcel which they signed for

18 Dec 2018, 06:56

Can anyone tell me who is liable and whom should I pursue in the following situation:

I arranged for a missed parcel delivery to be sent to a local post office. RM tried to deliver a couple of times before, and it sat at Mount Pleasant before I called customer services, and they arranged to send the parcel to a local post office. I sent the parcel originally by recorded 1st class, it was refused by the recipient (they moved) and returned to me, but I was not home so it sat at mount pleasant, until I got them to send it to a local post office.

The local post office received the parcel, I am told who signed for it and what time, so I know they received it. But the feckless manager at the post office claims he did not, and is not interested in investigating.

How would you handle this situation, where RM and PO dont want to take ownership of the problem, yet both are involved. Whom should I pursue? Who is liable? Who can I complain to, I've tried emailing them, tried resolver, but its just a dead end.

How can a post office retain a parcel in this way, it is not lost, I know where it is, the post office just wont acknowledge it. Is there a template letter somewhere I can refer to, which consumer laws cover this situation?

I am in dire circumstances because the item was an expensive disability aid which I do not even own, the claims process is pointless for me since it would not cover even the postage costs. I am at my wits end, any help is appreciated.

Post Office branch lost parcel which they signed for

19 Dec 2018, 18:18

The problem seems to be: RM use a tracking system (horizon) which shows different data from the post office, do you know anything about this? RM have the signature, and GPS tracking data, but all PO have is that the parcel was delivered from Mount Pleasant to its "final destination" - which is a local post office branch, but because it was arranged by phone (special case) the PO system only has incomplete tracking, RM has all the data.

RM do get back, but PO are impossible to speak to except by email through "resolver", do you know who regulates complaints to the post office, I mean do they have something like POSTRS, how do I elevate my complaint?

After speaking with RM, I feel there is some animosity between the Post Office and Royal Mail, which discourages them from cooperation, such as in my case which could be solved by confirming the tracking data with RM. Am I imagining this?

Thanks to any and all who reply, and good luck to all of you!

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