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Wisbech cardiac arrest postman told medics 'I'm going'

14 Jan 2020, 07:46 ... e-51097069

A postman who had five cardiac arrests told paramedics "I'm going, I'm going" before saying "I'm back" after being revived.

Jimmy Watson, 57, was working at the Wisbech sorting office in Cambridgeshire when he felt unwell, so a colleague rang 999.

A defibrillator was used 10 times, and during the ordeal he updated medics.

A paramedic said it was "incredibly rare for anyone in this state to have such lucid conversations".

Mr Watson was going about his daily routine at about 06:40 GMT on 2 January when he felt hot, sweaty and unusually bloated, "as if he needed to burp", he said.

Shortly after his colleague dialled the emergency services he lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest.

An ambulance service paramedic then resuscitated him and a Magpas Air Ambulance was scrambled to take him to Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

He suffered further cardiac arrests, somehow warning medics about his condition, saying things like "it's happening again" before falling unconscious, later saying "I'm back. I'm back".

The father-of-two said he "owed his life" to the medics who helped him and met one of the doctors, Dr Antonia Hazelrigg, on Monday.

"There was one time I did think I'd actually died because it took me that long to come round," he said.

"Then I started hearing voices and thought 'oh I'm still here' - it was unbelievable."

Wisbech cardiac arrest postman told medics 'I'm going'

14 Jan 2020, 10:35

Wonderful!!! Glad Your still with us Jimmy. Well done to Your Workmate and Paramedics! :Applause

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