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Royal mail lorries ignore weight limit on Poole road

30 Dec 2019, 08:54 ... oole-road/

A POOLE resident has complained about Royal Mail lorries allegedly repeatedly ignoring the weight limit in the road which her garden backs on to.

Laura Wyatt, 42, Weytown Close, said the lorries have been ignoring the 7.5 tonne weight limit in neighbouring Stinsford Road for years, driving down the road regardless.

Mrs Wyatt said: “I have lived here for ten years and it has always been a problem. I complained and it got a bit better, but it is particularly bad at this time of year.

“Royal Mail said they have a lot of staff from Southampton who are using their own Satnavs that don’t say the weight limit, but it is signposted.

“They are clearly not looking and seeing the signs.”

Mrs Wyatt said she couldn't put certain things on her windowsills because she said vibrations from the lorries would knock them off, and one of her neighbour’s mirrors had fallen off the wall.

“A year or so ago I went around all my neighbours to try and put in a complaint. I have since made two complaints to the council and they said they have not got the funds to do anything about it.

“The chevrons (on the road) are too big. The council needs to make them smaller, they’re huge.

“If you can get a juggernaut through there, it indicates they are too big.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “The Police enforce HGV bans and the council has made them aware of residents’ concerns in Stinsford Road.

“The ban is very clearly signed, and there are also physical speed-reducing features in the road.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “We always seek to ensure that any vehicles we operate through Stinsford Road are 7.5 tonnes and below in line with the weight limit. We will remind all drivers of this weight limit and ensure that drivers take alternative routes if required.”

Royal mail lorries ignore weight limit on Poole road

30 Dec 2019, 13:31

I've got the feeling she is confused about the 7.5t limits, saying lorries etc, box vans not exceeding the 7.5t limit can go down that road.
HGVs can't, personally I think she is just having a moan.

Royal mail lorries ignore weight limit on Poole road

30 Dec 2019, 14:58

Things fall off her windowsill & mirror off the wall even though her back garden is between house & road. She needs to get out more & get a life.

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