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Mother-of-three praises postwoman for giving her two-year-old son an opportunity to deliver letters

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Mother praises postwoman who asked her toddler to help her deliver letters when he threw a tantrum and refused to walk home – and even rewarded him with £1
A mother-of-three who was struggling to get her two-year-old son to walk home from nursery, has praised a postwoman for her considerate idea of getting him involved in delivering letters.

Charlotte Bennett, 28, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who has three children under the age of three, praised Gina Woodall who came to her aid when Corey had a tantrum and refused to walk home from nursery.

The mother-of-three has a one-year-old and a 13-week-old baby to contend with as well as Corey who has behavioural problems.

She took to social media to thank Gina, 48, for helping her rather than judging her.

‘So on the way home from nursery, Corey who has behavioural problems decided he didn‘t want to walk home,‘ she explained.

‘The postwoman could see I was struggling with him, so she asked him to help her post all the letters on our street until we reached our house!,‘ she wrote alongside a series of photos from the day.

‘She then paid him £1 for his help! What an absolute star.‘

A stream of responses to the post came from others who were impressed by Gina‘s actions and urged Charlotte to inform the Royal Mail.

Irene Sibthorp commented: ‘What a lovely woman, I bet she made that little boy‘s day and his mum‘s.

‘Too many people are quick to stand watch and judge! Royal Mail should hear about this kind gesture.‘

Ann Barsley wrote: ‘Brilliant, understanding instead of judging.‘

Karen Dineen said: ‘Distraction is excellent! Bet you were proud of him!‘

‘What a beautiful lady, gives you hope,‘ added Eirwen Myfanwy Grief.

Wendy Reeves wrote: ‘Such a kind lady, we need more of her in this world.‘

Daisy Lou Campbell said: ‘Royal Mail this lovely lady deserves some recognition for her kindness.‘

Charlotte has organised for Corey to see paediatricians, for suspected conditions including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and epilepsy.

She said: ‘Corey can become very challenging and displays aggressive behaviour no matter where we are.

‘When I go to the top of our street Corey decided that he didn‘t want to walk home with me anymore so became very challenging at the side of the road.

‘Gina, the postwoman, saw that he was refusing to walk and being difficult to encourage.

‘I also had my 20 month old and 13 week old in the double pram so I didn‘t have use of both hands.

‘She came over and asked Corey if he would help her post the rest of her letters, with this he took hold of her hand and within an instant began helping her push the letters through the doors.

‘He was so happy and excited. It enabled me to get him all the way home without anymore challenging behaviour. I was so grateful.

‘I think that both post men and women don‘t get enough credit and a lot of people are quick to judge a child having a ‘tantrum‘ or displaying challenging behaviour.

‘This just goes to show that instead of judging that struggling parent and child, sometimes a bit of positive engagement from a stranger goes a long way. I really can‘t thank her enough.‘

Gina‘s wife, Lyndsey Woodall added: ‘Gina has been working with Royal Mail for 18 years now and has done the same round for 15 years so she knows everyone and is always helping people out.

‘She goes and gets people shopping and what not and does other things for them frequently after she finishes her shift.

‘This post has just highlighted what she is always like.‘

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘We are proud of the role our postmen and postwomen play in their local communities.‘

Mother-of-three praises postwoman for giving her two-year-old son an opportunity to deliver letters

29 Nov 2019, 21:39

I read this ages ago someone said it was actually £2

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