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Dealer who sent drugs in the post caught when eagle-eyed neighbours spotted 'burglars' at his home

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Humberside Police responded to 999 alert over burglars at a Grimsby home and found cannabis plants grown by the dealer whose mobile phone bragged of his deals

Police found cannabis plants growing in a man's bedroom after neighbours called 999 to raise the alarm over suspected burglars at a Grimsby home.

When officers arrived they found the plants and later arrested Shaun Bradley at his work. His phone was full of text messages relating to drug deals.

Bradley, 35, of James Street, Grimsby admitted offering to supply cocaine and cannabis and possession of magic mushrooms.

The investigation by Humberside Police revealed he used specialist bags to post his drugs to customers using Royal Mail.

The bags avoid detection by sniffer dogs, the court heard.

He was locked up at Grimsby Crown Court for two-and-a-half years.

Judge Roger Thomas QC said: "You are 35 years old and up until now led an ordinary, decent enough life. But behind all that lies this case which shows you involved yourself in drug dealing."

He added: "It is a difficult case to work out fully. It came to light because someone was commiting a burglary at your house. That is what brought police to your house."

The judge said the five plants discovered in an upstairs bedroom were just "the tip of the ice-berg."

On his phone, police investigators found umpteen messages that showed he had harvested a crop of cannabis previously and how he sent it by Royal Mail packages.

Judge Thomas said: "You were intimately involved in Class A dealing."

Prosecuting, Jeremy Evans said police were called to the home in James Street, Grimsby after a neighbour spotted what they thought were burglars. He said the two unknown males were a "drug taxi."

When police arrived at around 12.30am on December 18, 2017 they found a discarded box containing cannabis.

Upstairs they found a suitcase containing cannabis from a previously harvested crop and drug equipment.

Mr Evans said the estimated value of the drugs was around £2,500.

Bradley was at work. Police attended and arrested him there.

The prosecutor said that when police examined his mobile phone seized from him, they found thousands of text messages, proving his significant role in a commercial enterprise.

Reading evidence from a specialist drugs officer from Humberside Police, Mr Evans said: "This is an experienced grower with knowledge of the process. In the messages he discussed growing a bigger harvest."

He said Bradley had researched cannabis growing for over two years and was self-taught.

He referred to frequent contact with "Tommo" and "Justin" in relation to buying cocaine.

Mr Evans said one message related to how he was going to purchase cocaine in Sheffield because it was cheaper than buying from gangs in Liverpool.

"But he still told someone he had got it from Liverpool so he could charge more," said the prosecutor.

The judge said: "He keeps bragging about how good a horticulturalist he is. The text messages suggest there was a lot more than just five plants involved."

For Bradley, Dale Brook said his client's case was "a bit of a puzzle to me."

"It is a standard set up. There is no evidence that he has a lifestyle that would be supported by that type of background," he said.

He added: "There is a lot of hot air but not a lot of action. "

He said he was more involved with cannabis than cocaine.

Mr Brook said the electricity bills were "extra-ordinarily high."

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