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Fife dog wont let postmen deliver mail until they play football with him

15 Apr 2019, 16:17 ... r-16131237

Sign him up for Scotland - this hound has some impressive skills

A footballing dog in Fife has become a viral sensation, after a Twitter video showed him having a kick-about with a postman.

The dog apparently wont let the Royal Mail worker deliver letters until he's had a quick game.

Amy Barbour posted a video from her postman dad of the dog playing football with him. It was retweeted thousands of times.

The dog can be seen trapping the ball beneath its legs, taking a few touches, before passing it back to Amy's dad.

Line of Duty star and Celtic fan Martin Compston, who recently was announced for Soccer Aid's World XI team shared the post online offering to sign up the four-legged friend for the team.

Explaining how the clip came about, she wrote: "So this dug doesn’t let ma dad deliver the mail until he’s played football with him.

"He finally took a video and a canny believe my eyes, the dugs incredible! Someone sign him rapid. Mad skills!"

The brilliant video has received a number of comments jokingly offering to give the dog a chance in their team.

Waterloo AFC said: "Hi Amy, we would definitely be interested in having your dog down for a trial with us.

"Seems to have a better touch and pass accuracy than our current Right Back. Would fit perfectly into our team."

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