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Why shorts are cold comfort for a Haywards Heath postman ...

07 Feb 2019, 15:04 ... -1-8801344

Postman Gary Symonds prefers taking a shortcut when he goes about his mail rounds - but it’s not the route he cuts short, it’s his trousers.

Forty-eight-year-old Gary insists on wearing shorts as he carries out his postal duties, whatever the weather.

Come rain, shine or snow, Gary can always be found trekking his 11-mile daily journey around the streets of Haywards Heath as he delivers the mail. But it’s a different matter when Gary goes on holiday: it’s the one time that he covers up his limbs - even when his holiday location is a desert.

On a trip to Las Vegas this week, Gary gave his weather-worn legs a break as he donned full-length jeans. “The weather has been OK in the day time, like sunny, but early mornings and evenings the temperature can drop fast including in Vegas in the desert as we aren’t in their hot season,” he said.

But back home in Mid Sussex, Gary’s customers can be assured that he’ll be returning to his usual knee-revealing attire to which they have long since given their stamp of approval.

“I get comments every day,” says Gary. “Customers always say ‘I can’t believe you are still in shorts.’ But I’m used to it and my legs don’t get cold, it’s more my hands and feet that feel it.”

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