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ANNOUNCEMENT CWU : We have announced an industrial action ballot timetable in Royal Mail group - ballot papers will be dispatched on 24th September if no agreement is reached before then. HERE

Royal Mail workers in Southend deliver a strike threat to bosses

05 Feb 2019, 16:52 ... +to+bosses


Workers at one of Royal Mail’s largest workplaces have agreed to ballot for industrial action if they don’t get a review into management’s “bullying culture”.

CWU union members at the Southend mail processing unit in Essex voted unanimously at a mass meeting last Thursday to call for a ballot.

It followed a sit-in by some 300 workers at the office—the second largest delivery office in Britain—the previous week.

Workers at the office sat in the canteen after bosses sacked a young worker on the spot—a move CWU officials described as “heavy handed”.

They returned to work after bosses agreed to reinstate the workers’ pay pending an appeal hearing. Now they have written to the CWU’s top officials demanding a review into management practices—and will ballot for action if one isn’t organised.

John Hunt, secretary of the CWU’s Essex Amal branch, told Socialist Worker, “Members are coming to us regularly about the heavy-handed methods of the employer.”

Royal Mail workers face increasing workloads and longer deliveries.

A deal between the CWU and Royal Mail last year promised a “change in culture” to deal with workplace stress and bullying.

But John said, “We’ve only seen the culture get worse.

“People can take no more—and we don’t think Southend is unique.”

Royal Mail workers in Southend deliver a strike threat to bosses

05 Feb 2019, 23:13

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Royal Mail workers in Southend deliver a strike threat to bosses

06 Feb 2019, 09:54

You have to work as one office, do the job properly, start at the correct time, don't use your car, take your full meal break, don't do any short cuts AND keep it up week in, week out, they soon be defeated and keep doing it.

We did this in my office when the management threatened to bring in some unagreed changes. It worked, the shame is nearly everybody soon went back to their old habits.

In one of the few who kept it up.

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