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Royal Mail ousts head of UK post (Sue Whalley ) after turbulent summer

09 Nov 2018, 20:36

Phantom wrote:Get ready for a complete bastard to take her place and to make even larger cuts because that's the reason for her stepping down. The next person will want blood in order to fuel the share holders, get ready for war lads n' lasses.

...and failures will be even larger. We often fail now during the quieter times of the year since Network 18 started. If they cut more staff out then we'll probably have massive fails every day

Royal Mail ousts head of UK post (Sue Whalley ) after turbulent summer

09 Nov 2018, 23:52

Apparently loads of non-frontline staff eg managers etc have been made redundant to cut costs. Have been told it was a surprise and no one expected it to happen.

Royal Mail ousts head of UK post after turbulent summer

11 Nov 2018, 18:49

JKSmudge wrote:
clashcityrocker wrote:Terry will be gutted.

I was wondering if Herr Black was not impressed with the results of the 2 days tete-a-tete a few weeks ago.... back to the drawing board Terry.....

explains the reason for her 'no show' on the Q&A programme

Royal Mail ousts head of UK post (Sue Whalley ) after turbulent summer

11 Nov 2018, 22:30

Anyone noticed any redundancies? Nope, not in delivery. We have noticed a slow drip drip of full time duties into part time duties and others being covered on overtime for months at a time though.

Royal Mail ousts head of UK post (Sue Whalley ) after turbulent summer

30 Nov 2018, 08:07

leolion855 wrote:

A new deputy chair, who has a background in worker relations, was also appointed

Royal Mail has ousted the head of its UK post and parcels division and appointed a new deputy chairman with a background in worker relations, in an effort to stabilise the group after months of upheaval.

The postal group said on Wednesday that after 12 years Sue Whalley, chief executive of post and parcels UK, would step down with immediate effect. She will complete the handover of her responsibilities, which are to be taken up by chief executive Rico Back and chief financial officer Stuart Simpson, by the end of March.

“The Board have agreed that she will leave Royal Mail,” the company said in a statement. “Sue will work alongside Stuart Simpson on our Christmas operational programme and assist the Company with ongoing regulatory, legal and other matters, as appropriate.” The appointment of a second senior executive to support Mr Simpson is to be announced in due course.

Royal Mail also said it had appointed the head of its audit and risk committee Keith Williams as deputy chairman with immediate effect. The group said he was “in the process of reviewing his external commitments” in order to focus more on Royal Mail.

Mr Williams, who was an executive chairman of British Airways until 2016, has “a very strong track record in operational transformation, digital strategy and industrial relations, including pensions,” Royal Mail said.

That experience is significant given the months of upheaval the company has faced, from shareholders and workers alike. A summer of unrest saw a shareholder revolt over boardroom pay and the resignation of the company’s chairman, while earlier in the year nationwide strikes were narrowly avoided after postal workers voted to approve a deal on pensions, pay and working conditions.

In October a profit warning sent Royal Mail’s share price down by almost a third to its lowest point since its 2013 float. The company blamed slow productivity growth at its core UK business, which it said was “significantly below plan,” and a decline in the volume of letters being sent. On Wednesday, shares in Royal Mail edged up 2 per cent.

“The Board would like to thank Sue Whalley for the significant contribution she has made to Royal Mail across a whole range of issues over the last twelve years. She has a strong track record of driving operational and cultural change, supporting letters, and implementing digital transformations to support the growth of the parcels business. We wish her well in the future,” said chairman Les Owen.

“Following all we have done to move the organisation forward in recent years and to implement change to position Royal Mail as a leader in e-commerce, now is the time to move on,” said Ms Whalley.

Nice to see that she got a mention,,no one thanked me for nearly 20 years of service,,forced out of my job through illness and not even a thank you,,in fact,,the depot manager tried to entice me back off the sick with a nice little offer,with a view to sacking me when I next went sick to have my operation,,and it was because I could see straight through his despicable plan,and told him where to stick it,,neither him nor the
office managers even shook my hand,,not that I would want them to lower themselves.,
At least I didn't have to force a smile or get my hands dirty,,walked out with my head held high,,and my reputatation intact,,and not a backwards glance,,onwards and upwards.

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