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BEAST APPEAL Split 'Beast' killer who stabbed young postie to death in Peebles house party appealing conviction after he's jailed for murder

10 Sep 2018, 14:53 ... rt-appeal/

Nicholas Rogers stabbed Alex Stuart to death before claiming he had an 'abnormality of the mind'

A KILLER who called himself ‘The Beast’ before brutally murdering a postwoman in a knife attack has launched an appeal against his conviction.

Nicholas Rogers plunged a blade into 22-year-old Alex Stuart at a house party after telling onlookers “I may as well kill somebody”.

Rogers, who called himself The Beast after a psychotic film character, was convicted of murder after jurors rejected the idea that the 28-year-old – who had a history of mental illness – was suffering from an “abnormality of the mind”.

The judge Lord Summers said the killer had been in “possession of his faculties” and had ignored warnings not to mix alcohol with drugs when he carried out the killing in Peebles last August.

The former customer service worker was jailed for at least 16 years in June but has now lodged an appeal against the murder conviction.

He admitted killing Miss Stuart and his legal team are expected to argue that he should have been convicted him of culpable homicide due to diminished responsibility.

Rogers’ trial at the High Court in Glasgow was told he had turned up at the house in Peebles swigging from a bottle of gin.

Rebecca Allen, a friend of Miss Stuart, said she did not get “good vibes”, as Rogers was acting strangely. He later fell asleep but awoke and went into the kitchen.

Rogers came out clutching a knife believing Miss Stuart and Miss Allen had been laughing at him. He yelled he was an “evil b******” and a “bad person”.

Miss Allen said: “I was trying to reason with him, but it was not working. Alex was in total shock.

“He was scraping the knife at Alex’s legs. It was a power thing.” Jurors heard he then held the knife ‘like a dagger’ and said: “I have f***** it – I may as well kill somebody.”

Miss Stuart was stabbed in the chest and died in hospital later that day.

The trial heard Rogers wanted to be known as ‘The Beast’ – a character from the James McAvoy film Split about someone who has different personalities.

In a statement issued following the case, the family of Alex Stuart said, “Nicholas Rogers was convicted of murder in reflection of his responsibility for the senseless murder of our daughter Alex Stuart.

“Whilst the high court trial was complex, his defence of diminished responsibility due to mental health issues were not upheld.

“We believe appropriate levels of support were afforded to Rogers from mental health professionals of the NHS, which he chose to ignore. The verdict of murder makes clear that it was his wicked and reckless behaviour as a result of alcohol and illegal drug consumption that was the substantive issue that led to the death of our daughter.”

A court spokeswoman confirmed Rogers had lodged an appeal against his conviction and said the case was ongoing.

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