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Former postman leaves 2 million to Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District

12 Jun 2018, 16:39 ... on-1665104

Local branch baffled but grateful for surprise legacy to help people in crisis

A charity is due to receive £2million left in the the will of a former postman from Somerset.

The amount represents the value of the entire estate of John Grant, a retired postman from Yeovil who, according to the executors of his will, appointed Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District as the sole beneficiary back in 1995.

The money will be shared between the Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District and the central charity to enable their vital work to continue.

Sarah Coote, the branch director said: "The will didn’t explain why John Grant chose to leave his estate to us. Nonetheless, we are so grateful. Every 90 minutes, someone takes their life in the UK.

"We will ensure our share is used to help us increase and improve our services making them more accessible to those who need them."

"Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District would not exist without our extraordinary team of dedicated volunteers. We already have 106 volunteers in Yeovil who not only answer over 2,000 calls, 200 emails and 150 text messages during an average month but also conduct outreach work at local hospitals, schools, colleges and prisons.

"This legacy will provide the much-needed funds to train even more volunteers to meet the increasing demand for our services."

According to a death notice published in the Dorset Echo, Mr Grant was latterly of Dorchester and died "suddenly" on January 31, 2018. His funeral was held on February 21 at St Peter and St Paul Church, Lufton, Yeovil.

Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District have been active in the community for over 50 years supporting those who have become overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. Their work is funded almost entirely by donations from the public and local businesses.

Nationally there are over 20,000 listening and support volunteers. Samaritans provide round the clock confidential support and are contactable via the free-to-call helpline on 116123, or by email at . Local residents can call in for a confidential, face to face chat with a volunteer at any time between 10am and 8pm at the Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District Centre, located at 25 The Park, Yeovil .

If you are over 18yrs and would like to apply to become a Samaritan volunteer you can do so by emailing or via the main Samaritans website at

Did you know John Grant? E-mail me:

Former postman leaves 2 million to Samaritans of Yeovil, Sherborne and District

25 Jun 2018, 10:17

Two million quid?

He must have clocked up some serious overtime during his time as a postie!

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