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Missing postman's family back in Hamburg to continue search

14 Apr 2018, 14:23 ... 042018.htm

The brother of missing Inverness man Liam Colgan has returned to Hamburg after two "credible sightings" were reported.

It has now been more than two months since Liam Colgan (29) disappeared while on his brother’s stag do in Germany.

The police in Hamburg are describing the search for Mr Colgan as "unprecedented" with hundreds of volunteers and supporters across the country banding together to help in the hunt.

Last week possible sightings of Mr Colgan were reported in Altona and at the Reeperbahn and one member of the public even managed to take a photograph of the man.

Social media users have requested that the photograph is posted online but the family have made the decision not to because it is not "absolutely clear" that it is Liam.

It was announced on the Help Find Liam Colgan Facebook page that Eamonn Colgan and his fiancé Susan would be returning to Hamburg to follow up on these sightings.

"Whilst we are not overly optimistic regarding the photo we have received we feel there are similar characteristics between the male in the photo and Liam that need to be investigated," the post said.

"We must also consider that Liam has been missing two months now and his appearance will have changed."

The family added that they are still assuming that Liam may have suffered a head injury and is unaware of who he is.

They are asking for anyone who thinks that they have spotted Liam to try and speak to him and take a photograph.

It was previously believed that Mr Colgan was hitchhiking through Germany but the police have confirmed that a sighting of a man near the station was not Mr Colgan.

There was also speculation in the German media regarding a body that was recovered from the river earlier in the week but it has been confirmed that it is not Liam.

Fundraising continues for the search at

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