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Royal Mail will require electronic pre-advice data by 2019

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To comply with overseas customs requirements, Royal Mail are updating its shipping platforms to enable senders to provide electronic pre-advice data to receiving countries. By providing this information, recipients can also receive free parcel notifications (depending on the in-country service) and help overseas postal services to contact them in case of problems with their parcel.

As well as complying with upcoming Universal Postal Union legislation, providing electronic pre-advice data can enable the seamless delivery of overseas goods. The USA, for example, reserves the right to refuse items that are not accompanied by data and China and Russia are both prioritising pre-advised items. Royal Mail is giving senders and recipients a head start by ensuring they are ready to provide data as soon as possible.

Electronic pre-advice is information you provide electronically about the sender, the receiver and the goods you are sending abroad. For customs, electronic pre-advice data should include:

Sender details (name, address, telephone number and email)
Recipient details (name, address – including destination country)
Item details (description, quantity, weight, value of contents, postage and insurance cost)
Trade Tariff (Harmonised System or HS) Code and country of origin of contents which you can find at
For enhanced product features pre-advice should include the recipient mobile number and/or email address.

Electronic pre-advice timelines
In summer 2017, Royal Mail consulted with customers to understand what timelines might be realistic to be able to provide electronic pre-advice data. Royal Mail received over 300 individual comments before making the decision not to make provision of this data mandatory by 1st April 2018 as proposed but to provide advice to support and incentives as required to ensure that customers are able to provide it by 1st January 2019.

Electronic pre-advice with Click & Drop
Click & Drop is Royal Mail’s newest shipping platform and allows you to enter the required information and also print the right labels and International barcode for your parcel.

NetDespatch Ltd will also be Customs ready by April 2018 but if you use other third party Royal Mail integrations you’ll need to speak to your supplier for their integration plans.

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