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Petition opposing relocation of Hampton's delivery office reaches nearly 2,000 signatures

13 Mar 2018, 16:48 ... ignatures/

A petition opposing the relocation of Hampton’s Royal Mail delivery office has reached nearly 2,000 signatures, almost doubling its support over the weekend.

Royal Mail announced last week it was “exploring the option” of moving the office in Rose Hill to Ashford’s office in Feltham Road- more than a 20 minute drive away or up to 50 minutes on public transport.

According to RM, the proposed move is down to the office in Hampton being a “small building built in 1960 which now no longer meets our requirement”.

However workers, who were told last week, dispute this.

Two petitions have been launched, one by Chris, the office’s Communication Workers Union rep, and one by Hampton One.

Lloyd, behind Hampton One, said: “I created the petition with the hope that the local community would have a single place to show their joint support for the office- and I’m truly astonished at the community spirit so far.”

In the first 24 hours the petition received 750 signatures.

Lloyd said: “I think that alone shows how much the office means to the community, and keeping the ‘village’ of Hampton alive.

“Someone, for example, living in North Hampton would have a considerable journey to take via public transport to Ashford, especially if they were elderly or disabled - especially as there are no local alternatives being suggested by Royal Mail.”

RM has said the proposed relocation is part of its “ongoing transformation of its business to increase the efficiency of its operation as well as providing delivery offices that are fit for purpose for our staff and for our customers”.

People who use the office and work there believe the move is down to money- rep Chris said RM “knows the land is lucrative”.

On a local forum, one resident said the move is a “terrible idea” and “will impact adversely on so many people”.

She said: “This assumes that people have a car to drive to Ashford which also has specific opening hours.

“My neighbours all work so there is no one here I can ‘rely on’ anyway.

“As previously stated this is not about customers but about money as usual.”

Another called the proposal “outrageous”.

She said: “My business has its PO Box at Hampton DO and I collect because it is too expensive to have it delivered.

“I am truly outraged at how this move will not only affect the hardworking post people of Hampton but the small businesses and local community.

“I don't drive - how the hell am I supposed to collect my post now?

“I have my prescriptions delivered along with personal post. The opening hours of delivery offices are useless for anyone with a full-time job.

“This means that if you are expecting a parcel you will absolutely have to wait in.”

Hampton Councillor Gareth Roberts has secured a meeting with RM management and Vince Cable to discuss their plans and the concerns raised.

He said: “I will be pressing them at that meeting to agree to a public meeting in Hampton where residents and postal workers can put their views directly.

“I sincerely hope that weight of public opposition to these plans will give Royal Mail cause to rethink these hugely damaging plans.”

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