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Give your postman a chocolate bar, church members urged in Lent

13 Feb 2018, 15:56 ... -1-5391971

A Norwich church is encouraging its members to spread goodwill - and some chocolate - during Lent with random acts of kindness as part of its 1000 Hours project.

Gateway Vineyard Church in Newmarket Road, Norwich, is taking part in the goodwill drive throughout the 40 days leading up to Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 14.

The project, which originated in the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Ireland, was created to help make a difference in their local community.

Hannah Deal, Gateway Vineyard’s Church pastor, said: “We are asking our church members to think about doing simple acts such as baking a cake for a neighbour, giving your postman a bar of chocolate, or cooking a meal for someone in need.”

The church has plans to run a baby cafe in Thorpe St Andrew, organise and run family activities and kids club in Trowse, and to go litter picking at schools, beaches and a hospital.

Mrs Deal added: “There are all kinds of ways in which people can show kindness towards others and we hope that through them we will see positive changes in our community.

“We believe that simple acts of kindness will send ripples across our city and county. I cannot wait to begin and I hope that in big ways and small we will be able to show God’s love and kindness to people.”

If you would like to get involved, email or visit

Give your postman a chocolate bar, church members urged in Lent

13 Feb 2018, 21:26

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