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Dog needed vet treatment after chewing Redcar & Cleveland's council magazine

05 Dec 2017, 17:08 ... _magazine/

A DOG’S mouth was allegedly glued shut after it chewed a copy of the Redcar & Cleveland council magazine.

Reports on social media suggested that the magazine, which was posted through a resident’s letterbox, had glue on it and led to the dog being unable to open its mouth, with a hefty £350 vet bill to reopen it.

But the council denied any glue was used in its magazines, and said inserts must have been placed inside without its consent when they were delivered.

The post, on Facebook, said: “My dog has just got hold of it (the magazine) and ripped it.

“Whatever it has been coated with has glued his mouth. He is now in the vets.

“They have managed to open his mouth now and clean the glue off his teeth. They had to ring the pet poison line for advice. Just cost £350 in vet bills as they have had to do blood tests etc to check for any poisons.”

A spokesman for the council said: “We can confirm our magazine, this is Redcar & Cleveland, is fully recyclable and as such does not contain adhesives or coatings.

“It never goes out with inserts or flyers from third parties and any such inserts that are received with the magazine have therefore been placed inside by the Royal Mail when they are delivering the magazines.

“You may have seen a post on a local news page claiming a dog has become unwell after eating a piece of our recent ‘this is Redcar and Cleveland’ magazine.

“We have advised the resident of the council’s complaint procedure and will thoroughly investigate any claims of harm caused.

“Of course, we hope the resident’s pet returns to full health soon.”

Dog needed vet treatment after chewing Redcar & Cleveland's council magazine

06 Dec 2017, 12:11

It looks to me whether the offending leaflets were in the council mag or not, the dog would still have chewed them, and still got its mouth glued up.
Perhaps the dog's owner(s) should do something to prevent the dog from being able to get at the mail ?

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