Glasgow postal reshuffle could see local delivery centres moved across city

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A DECLINE in letter writing and the rise of online shopping could lead to a reshuffle of postal services in Glasgow.

Royal Mail is looking at moving delivery centres around the city to accommodate a high volume of parcel deliveries.

Dougrie Drive's centre, in Castlemilk, could move across Glasgow to the office on Victoria Road.

As part of proposals, the operation for the Gorbals/Lauriston could also move to the G1-4 delivery office at Baird Street from the office in Victoria Road.

The moves, which are out for consultation with staff and union the Communication Workers Union (CWU), would see opening hours extended.

However, one postman, who asked not to be named, said the changes would increase traffic on the south side of the city and cause disruption for customers.

He said: "All this will do is give a headache to customers who have to pick up parcels from the sorting office will now need to travel from Castlemilk across to Victoria Road.

"It will have an impact on the environment as well as it will mean delivery drivers moving around and customers moving around."

But a Royal Mail spokeswoman said that customers who do not want to travel can arrange to have their parcels redelivered or delivered to another address.

She added that the postal service plans to introduce electric vehicles before the end of the year.

The Royal Mail said that if the moves goes ahead, detailed planning would take place before the change to operations.

There will also not be any job losses during the move.

Delivers will not be impacted by the changes, should they go ahead.

Glasgow postal reshuffle could see local delivery centres moved across city

29 Oct 2017, 01:07

When these moves are planned why are the public not consulted as well,is it just the case of
the public/customers dont matter, think WE ALL know the answer to that one .If they studied the
geography of the offices involved i think it would make more sense to move G31/40 or G21/22
into the Baird Street (G1-4 )office rather than the proposed move which will mean more van
miles, more travelling time,more costs unless of course RM wont have to pay for the electricity
these new vans will be running on :hmmmm

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