A Leeds Royal Mail delivery office could be on the move

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ROYAL Mail is considering relocating its Holbeck delivery office to its mail processing unit just under two miles away at Wellington Bridge near Leeds city centre.

A Royal Mail spokesman said discussions about the possible move are underway with the Communications Workers Union (CWU) and people in the Holbeck delivery office on New Princess Street and Leeds City Mail Processing Unit (MPU) at Wellington Bridge.

The spokesman said: "If the move goes ahead, it would enable us to improve facilities for our customers in the LS11 postcode area. There would be no impact on deliveries to our customers.

"The proposed new location, in Leeds City MPU, has sufficient space for our LS11 delivery operations. It would also enable us to improve facilities for our people and for our customers in the postcode areas. "This is part of Royal Mail’s ongoing transformation of its business to increase the efficiency of its operation as well as providing delivery offices which are fit for purpose for our people and for our customers.

It will also have car parking for customers and offer extended opening hours. "As a commercial business, Royal Mail is responding to the huge growth in electronic communications and decline in letter volumes, while seeing a high volume of parcels and online shopping which need to be delivered to customers. "If this relocation goes ahead, there would be no impact on deliveries to our customers.

The postmen and women who work in the LS11 delivery office would continue to serve the local communities, delivering a high quality service to our customers. "If the move goes ahead, detailed planning would take place to ensure a smooth transition for our operations, our people and the service we provide to our customers.

We have a strong track record of managing change and we would work with our staff and our unions to give them the opportunity to discuss the implications in detail. There are not expected to be any job losses if the move goes ahead. "

A Leeds Royal Mail delivery office could be on the move

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Campaign to keep delivery office open gains momentum


The campaign to stop Royal Mail closing its mail delivery office in Holbeck has been boosted by a speech in parliament and will see supporters gather in Cross Flatts Park on Sunday (22 October 2017).

As previously reported on South Leeds Life, Royal Mail plans to close the office on New Princess Street and move operations to the Leeds City Mail Processing Unit (MPU) on an industrial estate off Wellington Bridge near the Armley Gyratory, behind the Harley-Davidson dealership.

Royal Mail, which was privatised in 2013, says there would be no impact on deliveries in the area. But postal workers point out the many people visit the office to collect parcels and other items. The Leeds City site is only accessible by car via the notoriously busy Armley Gyratory system; and almost impossible by bus or on foot.

Speaking in Parliament Hilary Benn MP (Leeds Central) said:

“As usual, it’s justified by improved “efficiency” – I sometimes wish organisations could just say that it’s about saving money – but the wording that really caught my eye was when Royal Mail claimed that the closure would “improve facilities for our customers in the LS11 postcode area”. I’m afraid that’s going to provoke a bit of a hollow laugh on the part of local people who can currently go to New Princess Street to pick up a parcel, but in future will have to travel much further away.

“Come on Royal Mail – think again”

Local Communications Workers Union (CWU) Branch Secretary Andy Lee said:

“On Sunday 22 October at 3pm local posties wearing their Royal Mail coats will be stood behind a banner with friends, family and members of the Leeds 11 public stood behind them, demonstrating their opposition to the closure.

“If you want to see Holbeck DLO stay open please come and join us in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston.”

The CWU and Labour Party have been collecting signatures on a petition; you can sign the petition online here: ... ery-office

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