Royal Mail! Postman Parr hand delivers Gran's 100th birthday message from the Queen

11 Aug 2017, 17:22 ... -1-5145215

We all love receiving our birthday cards.

But for 100-year-old Irene Main, this year was marked by an extra-special royal delivery.

Mrs Main’s celebrations at Heron Lodge Care Home, in Wroxham, were a real family affair, in honour of her 100th birthday today.

But the icing on her birthday cake was a visit from postman grandson Daniel Parr, who put on his uniform to deliver card from the Queen she had been “looking forward to for ages.”

Mr Parr said: “I got the day off so I could deliver it. She loved the surprise, and was smiling all over her face”.

“She’s been a bit poorly, but she’s been looking forward to turning 100 for ages.”

Great-granddaughter Maddie Prime, 13, said: “Nan has always spoken about this moment, saying ‘when I’m 100 I’ll get a letter from the Queen!’”

Mrs Main was born in Honing, and now lives near her family in Wroxham.

According to her daughter, Mary Prime, the 100-year-old went into service after school, and worked in cleaning and childcare, until the age of 76, taking jobs in doctors’ surgeries and on farms.

“It must be the secret to mum’s long life - always being busy,” she added.

Married to Alec Main, who passed away 20 years ago, Mrs Main was an avid EDP reader.

She always completed the puzzles and crosswords, as well as reading the obituary section, and joking with her family that she: “had better check she hadn’t died and didn’t know about it!”

She also loved to crochet and bake bread and cakes for her family.

“Despite a severe chest infection last winter”, Mrs Main’s daughter said: “she’s as perky as you can expect a 100-year-old to be.”

She was visited by her two daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren in the morning, and the rest of the home’s residents enjoyed a tea party in the afternoon.

Netty Sumner, activities coordinator at Heron Lodge, where Mrs Main has lived for a year, said: “It was amazing, and quite emotional for all the family. Daniel came in and delivered the card to his Nan - it was a really lovely moment.”

She added that Mrs Main enjoyed the special celebrations, saying: “She’s shattered now, but there were lots of smiles for the camera!”

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