Residents who waited two months for their post will now only have deliveries twice a week

10 Aug 2017, 14:17 ... ce_a_week/

SOME residents on a Risca street who have been without post for almost two months will now receive deliveries but only twice a week.

Post deliveries to Holly Road were suspended in June following concerns of “crime in the area”.

But now the Royal Mail has decided to “monitor the situation” and resume deliveries to some addresses.

Resident Chester Chaffey said the post should be delivered each day like before.

“On Tuesday, I had loads of post pushed through my letter box,” said Mr Chaffey. “The post was being delivered by a post man with a security guard.

“I’m relieved that I got a letter saying when my surgery is - luckily I didn’t miss it.

“It’s still disgusting that we aren’t getting post every day like before. The council and Royal Mail need to sort this.”

Another resident Dawn Livsey added: “I’m happy I’ve got my post but what about the people on this row who don’t. I feel sorry for them.”

A spokeswoman from Royal Mail said: “We are trialling deliveries two days a week to some residents in Holly Road. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will be undertaking a further risk assessment regarding deliveries to all addresses. We will need to assess the situation before any decision can be taken on resuming daily deliveries.”

She added she was “not aware” of any security guards accompanying post men.

A Caerphilly council spokeswoman said the trial would be reviewed after two weeks.

She said: “They have indicated only that they are planning a further risk assessment and we await the outcome of this assessment prior to further considering possible solutions. Residents are understandably frustrated and we continue to work alongside Royal Mail.”

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