Early day motion 185 - ROYAL MAIL

14 Jul 2017, 14:13

Session: 2017-19
Date tabled: 13.07.2017
Primary sponsor: Hayes, Helen
Sponsors: Gaffney, Hugh Phillips, Jess Thomas, Gareth (Harrow West) Thewliss, Alison Betts, Clive
That this House notes that Royal Mail provides vital public services in the delivery of letters and parcels and the provision of PO Box services; further notes that when it was privatised by the Coalition Government in 2013 concerns were raised about the continued provision of local delivery offices, but that no safeguards were put in place to stop asset-stripping in the form of forced closures and sale of local delivery offices; condemns the current delivery office closure programme which is threatening the accessibility of Royal Mail services in many communities across the UK, and which has a particular impact on vulnerable residents and young families; further condemns the absence of any requirement for public consultation in relation to delivery office closures; and calls on the Government to intervene to preserve local delivery offices and protect Royal Mail against asset-stripping.

Early day motion 185 - ROYAL MAIL

14 Jul 2017, 17:48

"Stable door" and "horse bolted" springs to mind. :wave

Early day motion 185 - ROYAL MAIL

14 Jul 2017, 18:14

Considering it was all the Tory boys and there friends who purchased all the shares at rock bottom prices. This motion has no chance they will just want profit and big dividend payments.

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