Dad tried to send GBP2,000 worth of drugs in the post

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A DAD who sent around £2,000 worth of cannabis in the post has avoided a longer jail term, after speaking about his anguish of life in prison.

Michael Turner, of Gladstone Street in Abertillery, sent a package containing a total of 277 grams of cannabis to an address in Scotland, Cardiff Crown Court heard yesterday.

The package, which also contained a potato and a sweet potato, was intercepted at the Royal Mail hub for the East Midlands on the morning of March 31 as it smelt of cannabis.

Richard Ace, prosecuting, said plant matter was found inside two plastic bags inside the package. One bag contained 249 grams of cannabis and a smaller one contained 28 grams, the court heard, with the total value estimated between £1,600 and £2,000.

A few months later, in September, CCTV identified Turner, aged 39, as the person who had posted the parcel, and fingerprint analysis supported the images.

Turner, who pleaded guilty to attempting to supply a class B drug at a previous hearing, told police he expected to receive around £900 for the cannabis. At the time of sending the drugs, Turner had debts of around £4,000, the court heard.

Sarah Walters, defending, read out an “unusual and articulate” letter by Turner explaining how he had attempted to turn his life around since being in prison for another offence.

In the letter, Turner said he had taken up educational courses and was now effectively running the prison’s print shop which sells cards. He said the thought of not being able to help his 14-year-old daughter and his ill mother for any longer was “killing” him every day.

“My daughter has been badly affected by my sentencing, which I accept is my responsibility,” he said

“I would like to be there to help her with tutoring as I did before. The thought of not being there for my mum and daughter any longer is killing me each day. I deeply regret my past and what I have done.”

Recorder Mark Powell QC said it was not in the public interest for Turner to serve any longer past his release date in October. He sentenced Turner to eight months in jail. He will serve half, to be released in October.

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