Palmers Green cycle plans 'put Royal Mail workers at risk'

16 Mar 2017, 19:53 ... hyear=2017

Cycle route plans could put Royal Mail workers at risk of being robbed, it has been claimed.

Moves to switch a lay-by from outside Palmers Green post office in Green Lanes, to across the road, have been attacked by its postmaster who says its future is in doubt.

And the Royal Mail says the proposal poses a safety issue of carrying large quantities of cash and other valuable items a considerable distance by foot or crossing a busy road junction.

The lay-by change is being considered as part of the Cycle Enfield plans to create more cycle routes in the borough.

But Ben Ryall, Royal Mail collections manager, said: “We collect valuable items which can be worth up to £5,000. The council have offered us a lay-by across the road instead of next to the site. My concern is the risk of staff being robbed as they make deliveries. It is a busy post office and we visit it a lot.”

Postmaster Parimal Bhatt said: “Since becoming postmaster four years ago I have invested a huge amount of time and money, making Palmers Green post office a far more attractive and pleasant place to visit.

“With the internet, post offices have lost a large proportion of business and have had to diversify to survive. However, we still have our regular customers and I feel that my post office is a hub for the local community. I would hate to see it go.”

David Burrowes, Enfield Southgate MP, said: "The likely problems for Palmers Green Post Office from the cycle lane highlights the lack of consultation and consideration of the concerns of high street businesses.

"Enfield Council needs to do what it should have done last year which is sit down with post office and Royal Mail managers and work out a solution."
Enfield Council cabinet member for environment Daniel Anderson said: “We are actively working to find a resolution to the concerns. We fully expect to find a solution that works for everybody.

“A meeting has already been scheduled, which is due to take place this week, to discuss both the short-term issue of collections during the construction period as well as the options available to ensure these can continue in the longer term once construction is complete.

“Cycle Enfield is committed to transforming our high streets and town centres while promoting more active forms of travel through the borough. We understand loading is critical for businesses to function and will work closely with all parties to ensure a better Enfield for all.”

* Forty people attended a public meeting last Friday in the Green Towers Community Centre, in Plevna Road, Edmonton, to oppose proposals by the post office to franchise Lower Edmonton post office in South Mall.

They heard Kate Osamor, Edmonton MP, say that the population of Edmonton was increasing and that she would raise the issue in Parliament.

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