Friendly Leighton postman, Peter Lewis, has passed away

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A much-loved Leighton Buzzard postman and “figure around the town” has passed away. Peter Lewis, 51, died on February 11 from a heart attack.

He worked for the Royal Mail, Leighton Buzzard, from c.1990-2014, and during his time as a postman he became known to many locals, delivering around the Stanbridge Road, Richmond Road, and Lywood Road area.

His former Royal Mail colleague, Mark Didcock, said: “Everybody loved Peter. He would go and get the old ladies their newspapers and do other things like that. He was a nice guy. “At work we used to joke and call him ‘Pete the plonker’ - he was one of life’s wallies.

He had a Fiat Panda, so another nickname was Peter Panda!” Mark and Peter shared lots of jokes together, as Mark had joined the Royal Mail in 1988, just before his work mate.

Peter had grown up in Leighton Buzzard, living in the town for about 30 years until he moved away, his last home being in Bletchley.

He did not have any family in Leighton Buzzard or Bletchley and Mark would be grateful if anyone has a picture of Peter that they would like to send in. Mark, 49, lives in Stanbridge with his wife and two children.

He said: “Once you’re out and about being a postman is one of the best jobs you can do. I wanted to let people know about Peter.”

The LBO will update readers once details of Peter’s funeral are confirmed. Do you have favourite memories or photos of Peter? Email:

Friendly Leighton postman, Peter Lewis, has passed away

09 Mar 2017, 20:21

R.I.P Peter. never knew you, but you seemed to be the quintessential postie we all strive to be. :wave

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