Village throws party for much-loved retiring postie

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Village throws party for much-loved retiring postie

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A village is throwing a party for its beloved postie, who kept spirits up during lockdown, after she was forced to step away because of arthritis.

Fiona Graham, 62, has been a postwoman for 36 years, 12 of which she spent doing her round at Allonby, near Maryport, Cumbria.

During the pandemic she wore fancy dress to cheer people up, delivered Easter eggs to the village's children and raised more than £3,000 for NHS charities.

Resident Helen Gilmore described her as "the most reliable postie anyone could wish for".

She is one of the people behind the idea of a party, which will be held at the village hall on Saturday.

Mrs Gilmore said it was the interest she took in people and her friendliness which had an impact on villagers, especially during the pandemic.

"For a while she would be the only person people had contact with," she said.

"Children used to stand at the window and wait for her to come - she did all of this out of her own good nature."

But Mrs Graham said the kindness was reciprocated, with people leaving hand sanitiser and notes for her.

One customer gave her sole access to her outside toilet at a time when all facilities were closed.

Mrs Graham said she had been forced to retire due to arthritis.

"When the doctor first said I wouldn't be able to go back to delivery, I was really upset, I was crying," she said.

Being a postwoman had always been her dream, since her local postwoman and neighbour took her on her round in Maryport when she was a child.

"I really liked being outdoors, walking and meeting people - I've met lots of lovely people over the years and I'm quite sad to have to finish."

She even met her husband, who started as a postman before her, through her work.

But her retirement is short lived as she has now got a job at a school as an admin assistant.

Mrs Graham said: "It came about by accident, but I'm looking forward to it, it will be something different."

Her farewell party will take place on Saturday and she said it was lovely to be so well thought of by villagers in Allonby.

"I'll miss the people - they're just lovely.

"I know it sounds like a cliche, but they're the friendliest and nicest people."
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Re: Village throws party for much-loved retiring postie

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Good luck Fiona.
Straight into another job, well done ✅
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